Riddell's Goldenrod

Riddell’s Goldenrod


Collection: Botany

Catalogue number: 34120

Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Scientific name: Solidago riddellii
Common name: Riddell’s Goldenrod
Specimen Nature: Herbarium specimen
Location: Southeastern Manitoba


Product Description

Riddell’s goldenrod is a provincially rare plant that can be up to one metre tall. The showy flower heads are bright yellow, and consist of clusters of 30 to 450 tiny flowers. The flowers bloom from late August to early September in Manitoba. It reproduces by sending up shoots from an underground stem, and also by wind-dispersed fruits. A tallgrass prairie plant, Riddell’s goldenrod grows on moist sandy-loam soils and prefers full sun. The conversion of prairie to farmland, urbanization, and invasive plants have all resulted in the decline of this plant. However, it also requires a level of disturbance, such as burning, grazing, or flooding, to persist. In Canada, it is now known only from southern Ontario and southeastern Manitoba.

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