rat lines




Product Description

The Nonsuch has over a hundred ratlines.

Ratlines are the “steps” tied together which help to form the ship’s rope ladders.  Sailors would climb the ship’s ratlines whenever they needed to furl the ship’s sails, do rigging repairs, or just to get a clearer look from higher above.  Climbing these ratlines allows the crewmates to get access all parts of the ship’s yards, sails and rigging; a very dangerous task that makes it imperative that all ratlines are in good working order.

Stationed on the main mast and on the mizzen, these “steps” are what the conservators use when climbing up in the ship’s rigging. Because of this use, it is especially important that the ratlines are in good condition.  Keeping these ratlines clean and well-tarred provides security when conducting regular inspections and maintenance, and offers support for the Conservator’s safety and the safety of the ship itself.  Donate today.  Our ratlines need to be kept sturdy and strong.  

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