One-eyed Sphinx Moth


Collection: Zoology

Catalogue Number: 64543

Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Sphingidae
Scientific Name: Smerinthus cerisyi
Common Name: One-eyed Sphinx Moth
Location: Thompson, Manitoba
Specimen Nature: Pinned Insect



Product Description

Most moths are said to be nocturnal as they are active mainly at night, and this species is no different. The common name of “one-eyed” is due to the single spot present on the hind wings.  Moths (and butterflies) exhibit complete metamorphosis in their life cycle, which means the juveniles (larvae/caterpillars) look quite different from the adults. Larvae of the one-eyed sphinx moth eat leaves of willow and poplar trees, but the adults do not eat! One set of eggs is laid during the summer months, and these hatch into larvae. After eating and growing the larvae develop into pupae, and it is this stage that overwinters. The adults emerge from the pupae the following spring.

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