Mussell shell


Catalogue Number:  2.4-803

Class: Bivalvia

Order:  Unionoida

Family:  Unionidae

Genus/Species:  Potamilus alatus

Common Name: Pink Heelsplitter

Location: Assiniboine River, Manitoba

Specimen Nature:  Shell



Product Description

The Pink Heelsplitter is a freshwater mussel that occurs in Manitoba in lakes and rivers and can grow up to 20 cm. It is distinguished from other species by its highly iridescent purple inner shell. The sharp prominent ‘wing’ near its hinge is thought to have given rise to its common name when it is accidently stepped on. Heelsplitters are filter feeders which make them important as a biological indicator of water quality and toxins, but which also makes them a poor choice for eating.

Fun Fact: The larval stage of this mussel species lives specifically in the gills of a common fish, the Freshwater Drum (Aplodinotus grunniens), and relies on its host for both nourishment and transportation.

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