Medicine Chest


Object: Medicine Chest
Culture: British ?
Catalogue Number: H8-62-117


Product Description

Oak, brass, glass; H8-62-117 medicine chest; M.A. McLeod Estate; Manitoba; 1996 purchase.

This chest was owned by Cuthbert James Grant (1793-1854), born of a Scottish father, trader and partner of the North West Company, and an Aboriginal mother. Grant acquired considerable expertise in medicine. The chest compartments contain 18 glass vials, a small envelope and contents, and a small tin cup.

A Metis leader during the period of struggle between the North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company, Grant lead the Bois-Brules at the massacre of Seven Oaks in 1816. He surrendered and was taken to Montreal to face murder charges, but returned in 1818 cleared of all indictments.

Grant worked briefly in 1823 for the Hudson’s Bay Company at Fort Garry (at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers), but resigned the following year. He turned to farming and founded the settlement of Grantown, now St. Francois Xavier, where he built one of the first water mills on the Assiniboine, recreated today as Grant’s Old Mill in Winnipeg.

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