Product Description

The mast is a large, tall, wooden vertical beam supporting the many sails and lines of the ship.  Large ships may have many masts, but the Nonsuch has two: one large mast in the middle of the ketch; and a second, smaller mast in the rear called a mizzen.

Over time, the main mast of the Nonsuch has developed some noticeably large cracks.  Being a new citizen to Manitoba, The Nonsuch was not accustomed to the ongoing climate changes and nasty winter weather typical to our province.   It was necessary for her to take time to adapt and adjust, and it was during this adjustment period that she developed cracks.  And now it is necessary for Conservators to carry out a monitoring program, which includes measuring these cracks and checking for changes to her structure and stability.  Show your support by helping us maintain her structure and stability.

$100 Artifact adoption includes:

  • 1 year adoption
  • Certificate & photo
  • Personal story/description explaining what the artifact means to you
  • Tax receipt for $100