13. 65258 Craspedacusta sowerbyi

Manitoba Jellyfish


Collection: Zoology

Catalogue Number:  65258

Class:  Hydrozoa
Order:  Limnomedusae
Family:  Olindiidae
Scientific name:  Craspedacusta sowerbyi
Specimen Nature:  Preserved in alcohol


Product Description

These beautifully intricate organisms are as unique as snowflakes!  In 2010, these specimens of Craspedacusta sowerbyi, a small (~ 10 mm) freshwater jellyfish, were collected at Star Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park, and brought in to the Manitoba Museum. Blooms of these jellyfish were first recorded in Manitoba in 1972, but this is the first occurrence where specimens were collected and will be retained as a voucher in the Museum’s permanent Scientific Collections. This species is not native to Manitoba – it is an invasive species native to China. Although harmless to humans, it is yet to be determined if it will have an impact to any of our native species.

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