Product Description

The ship’s lantern is indeed an artefact.  While very delicate and fragile, she shines so brilliant and with such purpose.

Large lanterns were used to help guide the crew around the ship’s deck and rigging at night time or in turbulent weather.  The Nonsuch has a large circular shaped glass and brass paned lantern at the rear of the ship.  Crafted by hand, this lantern is delicate and fragile, yet it shone so brightly, lighting the way for the Captain and his crew.

Throughout the years, the glass in the lantern has been compromised, and is cracked in two places.  Support conservation efforts now!  And help the light shine as bright as it once did.

$50 Artifact adoption includes:

  • 1 year adoption
  • Certificate & photo
  • Personal story/description explaining what the artifact means to you
  • Tax receipt for $50