Hide Jacket


Object: Hide Jacket
Culture: Cree; Metis-Cree ?
Geo Cultural Designation: Eastern Subarctic
Catalogue Number: HBC 57-20-A


Product Description

Circa 1880-90; Cree-Metis; split moose hide, silk thread, satin ribbon, metal buttons, cotton thread sinew; HBC 57-20 jacket; Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection; 1994

George Simpson McTavish Jr., son of a Scottish fur trader and native mother, was born at Fort Albany, Ontario, on the west coast of James Bay. He was sent for his schooling to Stromness, in the Orkney Islands, and in 1878 joined the HBC ship Prince of Wales for a fur collecting trip to Moose Factory. McTavish Jr. signed on with the Hudson’s Bay Company, first as apprentice clerk at York Factory (1879) and Churchill (1882), where he was promoted to clerk and served until his retirement in 1892.

Clothing items such as this floral-decorated jacket (displayed with gauntlets) and journal are amongst McTavish Jr.’s personal items donated to the Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection.

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