20. Coats_01

Frock Coat


Collection: Archaeology

Catalogue Number: DlLg-32:94B/M603

Object: Coat
Material: Cotton
Cultural Phase: Homestead
Natural Region: Winnipeg


Product Description

This wool frock coat dates to the 1880s. It’s an example of a mourning coat, typically worn by professional men as day wear. This coat was found crumpled together in a ball and packed with manure, sawdust and wood shavings in an icehouse of the former Arctic Ice Company. The Arctic Ice Company occupied South Point at The Forks in Winnipeg from 1891 to 1905. This is one of the earliest coats recovered from an archaeological site in southern Manitoba and the only major piece of clothing from The Forks. Extensive conservation treatment, taking hundreds of hours, was undertaken to restore the coat in 2009.

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