Object: Candelabra
Culture: British
Geo Cultural Designation: Western Europe
Catalogue Number: HBC 98-1553


Product Description

1838; J.E. Terry & Co., London, UK; sterling silver; HBC 98 – 1553 epergne; Hudson’s Bay Company Corporate Collection; Toronto, ON; 2007

This large, ornate Victorian candelabra was presented to Sir George Simpson (1787 – 1860), Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company in Rupert’s Land, on June 26, 1841, in honour of 20 years of superintendence of the Company’s affairs in North America (1820 – 1840). In recognition of his work, Simpson had been knighted earlier that year by Queen Victoria.

The candelabra “(was) a token of their sincere regard, and of their high estimation of his zeal, judgment and urbanity…”

The design includes symbols emblematic of the Company’s North American operations: the beaver, an Aboriginal chief, a warrior, a mother with child, and a trade gun.

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