Collection: Geology & Paleontology

Catalogue number: M-3167

Chemical class: Carbonate
Crystal type: Scalenohedral
Specimen type: Mineral specimen
Location: Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tennessee, USA


Product Description

Calcite is one of the most widely collected minerals, since it occurs in many places and can be found in a great variety of colours and forms. The Elmwood Mine, which opened in the 1970s to produce zinc ore, is also known for producing some of the finest examples of calcite crystals, as well as fluorite, sphalerite, and barite. Over the years, mines in this area have closed and re-opened many times, making the availability of these beautiful crystals to museums and collectors highly uncertain. They are thus quite valuable.

This exceptional specimen is 17.5 cm long and displays a large cluster of clear golden crystals.

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