Product Description

The ship’s bell was the most prized possession of the ship, often engraved with the ship’s name and the year it sailed.  In cases of a shipwreck, it is often the only positive piece of identification ever found.

The ship’s bell was also used to signal the passing of time aboard the ship.  Usually struck by the ship’s cook, it was rung every half hour for four hours marking the end of a shift or the night, and therefore coining the phrase “Eight bells”.

The bell of the Nonsuch is made of solid brass and hangs just above the entrance to the Great Cabin.  It is lacquered for its current protection and preservation.  This lacquered coating has aged over time, and requires careful cleaning and recoating to preserve its sheen and brilliance.  Help our bell shine bright for generations to come by supporting our conservation efforts.

$225 Artifact adoption includes:

  • 1 year adoption
  • Certificate & photo
  • Personal story/description explaining what the artifact means to you
  • Tax receipt for $225
  • Invite to Annual Event