9. 3-6-811 Ariel Toucan

Ariel Toucan


Collection: Zoology

Catalogue Number:  3-6-811

Class:  Aves
Order:  Piciformes
Family:  Ramphastidae
Genus/species:  Ramphastos ariel
Specimen Nature:  Mount, in glass dome


Product Description

This spectacular specimen was obviously a prized possession of the family that owned it as it has quite the travelling history. It was originally brought from South America to London, England. Sometime later, it was very carefully brought over to Canada on the RMS Queen Mary ocean liner in the 1930s.

The Ariel Toucan is native to Brazil and inhabits a wide range of areas, including forested lowlands, swamp forests, clearings and savannas. It is easily recognised by its bright plumage and large beak, which it was thought, was only used for diet and defense. Researchers have now found that it also plays a major function in thermoregulation – the ability to regulate heating and cooling of the toucan’s body. Unfortunately, due to habitat loss and hunting pressure, this species is now considered endangered.

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