Collection: Geology & Paleontology

Catalogue Number:  M-3587

Name:  Amethyst
Chemical Class: Tectosilicate
Location: Thunder Bay vicinity, ON (Blue Points Amethyst Mine)
Specimen Nature: Large Crystal Cluster


Product Description

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that forms in veins and cavities in association with granite of the Canadian Shield. The vibrant purple/violet to red color indicates its rich iron content. This magnificent crystal cluster is the size of a shipping pallet and weighs about one-half tonne! It was donated to the Manitoba Museum in 2009 and is currently on display in our ‘Minerals of the Canadian Shield’ exhibit in the Earth History Gallery.

Amethyst is the traditional birthstone of February and has been used to symbolize deep love, happiness and wealth.

$250 adoption includes:

  • 1 year adoption
  • Certificate & photo
  • Opportunity to share personal story or description of what this specimen means to you
  • Tax receipt for $250
  • Invitation to Museum event