Manitoba Skies: January 2016

January has a number of interesting events in the night sky, easily visible by anyone who can see the sky. If you get up before sunrise this month, you can see four other planets (plus the Earth) with your unaided eye! Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are all there in the pre-dawn skies, just waiting to be discovered. Over the next month, they all move in their orbit around the Sun, changing their apparent positions and getting closer together or farther apart in a complicated pattern.

For details on all the things you can see this month in Manitoba Skies, visit the Planetarium’s “Current Night Sky” page and start your own cosmic explorations!



Scott Young

Manager of Science Communications and Visitor Experiences

“Scott oversees Science Gallery exhibits and Planetarium shows, and collaborates on content development for Museum Galleries exhibits. He has been an informal science educator for twenty years, working in the planetarium and science centre field both at The Manitoba Museum and also at the Alive G. Wallace Planetarium in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Scott is an active amateur astronomer and a past-President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.”