Manitoba Museum Has Record Setting Weekend with New World’s Giant Dinosaurs Exhibit

Winnipeg, MB (May 24, 2017):  The Manitoba Museum set a new attendance record for the opening of a new exhibit this past weekend.  Over the long weekend, there were more than 7,000 visits to the Museum during the opening of the new exhibit, World’s Giant Dinosaurs located in the newly expanded Alloway Hall.  This is the first blockbuster exhibit to be featured in Alloway Hall since it was reopened in March, 2017.

World’s Giant Dinosaurs pulls together reconstructions, animatronics, and sculptures of some of the largest dinosaurs found from around the world including a duo of sauropods. The largest animatronic dinosaur, Brachiosaurus, measures 24 feet high and the longest animatronic dinosaur, Mamenchisaurus, comes in at 66 feet long.  Also included is the life-sized fan favourite, Tyrannosaurus rex, and sitting on the Plaza next to the Planetarium dome is the school-bus sized Triceratops.

“We are so pleased that the community has had such warm welcome for World’s Giant Dinosaurs,” says Debra Fehr, Director of Marketing, Sales & Programs. “I think that these life-sized giants spark a genuine jaw-dropping moment when adults are dwarfed by these gigantic creatures creating that feeling like they’re kids again themselves. And this awe and wonder is a unique experience everyone will want to enjoy this summer.”

World’s Giant Dinosaurs runs until September 4, 2017 and is now open Friday nights until 9 pm.