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Legacies of Confederation Blogs

Every week we'll be posting a new blog post which will give a new perspective, insight, context or story behind the newest exhibit at the Manitoba Museum, Legacies of Confederation: A New Look at Manitoba History


Legacies of Confederation – Outlaw #5, Canada, and Bison Conservation - Randy Mooi, Curator of Zoology

Legacies of Confederation: Endangered Orchids - Diana Robson, Curator of Botany

The Document that Shaped Canada - Amelia Fay, Curator of HBC Collection

Legacies of Confederation: The Participation Awards! - Roland Sawatzky, Curator of History

Legacies of Confederation: Manitoba, a new Homeland - Roland Sawatzky, Curator of History

John Macoun: The Botanist who Changed the Map of Western Canada - Diana Robson, Curator of Botany

The Tupper Quilt and Canadian Confederation - Kelly Burwash, Practicum student, Master of Arts in Cultural Studies/Curatorial Practices, University of Winnipeg