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Programs outside those hours may be accommodated.

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What’s New

There's Always More to Discover at the Manitoba Museum.


In the Museum Galleries

Enjoy immersive human and natural history experiences in the nine Museum Galleries.

Snapshots of Canada

Alloway Hall
Feb 7 - April 2

Explore unforgettable moments in our history.

The Snapshots of Canada travelling exhibition was developed by the Canadian Museum of History and Canada’s History. The photographs were drawn from 100 Photos That Changed Canada (2009) and 100 Days That Changed Canada (2011), published by Canada’s History and HarperCollins Canada. The images and accompanying text explore Canada from four perspectives: Building a Country, Living Together, Seeking Justice and Celebrating Culture. Contributors include literary non-fiction writer Charlotte Gray, best-selling novelist Lawrence Hill, historian Desmond Morton, archivist Jim Burant, award-winning military historian Tim Cook, and journalist Peter Mansbridge.  To learn more about the exhibit, click here.

HMS Erebus Wreck Site Model - Opens January 26, 2018

Arctic/Sub-Arctic Gallery

January 12 to March 25

See the first-ever scale model of the HMS Erebus wreck. This 1:40 scale model is based on the original ship plans and the detailed records from the current research. It depicts the wreck on the seabed as found and shows the hull, a portion of the debris field surrounding the wreck, accurate seabed topography, and some marine life. The model tells part of the story of the 1845 Franklin Expedition and the ongoing research around the wreck.

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In the Science Gallery

Explore the wonders of science as with hands-on interactive act ivies for all ages.

Engineered for Speed

Our popular racetrack exhibit has been upgraded to provide even more engineering and design activities for your students. The giant slot-car track is still there, but the car construction and design stations have been completely rebuilt based on teacher and student feedback. Car construction is easier, with clear instructions while still encouraging the “design-test-redesign” process of real engineering. This gives students practical hands-on experience with the design, construction, and testing processes.

In addition to these improvements, a gravity-based race track has been added, to allow for further experimentation with pre-built cars to do loops, jumps, and ramps. We also have a full-scale race car that you can sit inside, thanks to our friends at Red River Co-op Speedway. Engineered for Speed is included with Science Gallery admission as part of the self-guiding portion of your visit.


In the Planetarium

Featuring Digistar® technology, the Planetarium’s virtual reality capability creates a new sense of depth to the known universe. Fly to familiar constellations and see them in new ways. Every show includes an introduction to the current night sky.

The Search for Life: Are We Alone?

Now Playing

An engrossing immersive theatre experience, The Search for Life: Are We Alone? launches visitors on an awe-inspiring trip through space and time—from the depths of Earth’s oceans to the outer reaches of the cosmos—to explore the links between life on Earth and the potential for life on other planets. Narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor Harrison Ford, this 35-minute show is designed for general audiences, and includes a live segment on the current night sky.

The Search for Life: Are We Alone? was developed by the American Museum of Natural History in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).