School Programs Hours

School programs are offered
between 10 am & 2 pm.

However, programs outside those hours may be accommodated.

For assistance planning or booking your visit,
please contact our programs office.


Temporary Exhibits

Strike 1919: Divided City

Urban Gallery

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike, the renewed Urban Gallery is hosting an immersive multi-media exhibition that explores what was happening on the ground during the historic events of the Winnipeg General Strike. The Strike story is brought to life through large scale audio-visual techniques and remarkable artifacts from Winnipeg unions and the “Citizens’ Committee of 1,000.” A short documentary shown in the Allan Theatre outlines the causes of the Strike and the resulting political ramifications. Dramatized dialogues can be heard throughout the Gallery rooms, offering different points of view.

Guided programs are available for Grades 6, 9, and 11 for $4.75/student. Self-guiding in this exhibition is included with Museum Galleries admission.


Hiding In Plain Sight: Discovering the Métis Nation In the Archival Records of Library and Archives Canada

to Oct 27, 2019
Grassland Gallery

This exhibition, developed by Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in collaboration with the Manitoba Métis Federation and the Métis National Council, with the support of the Government of Canada, explores the portrayal of the Métis people— some of whom are “hiding in plain sight”—in reproductions of artworks and photographs in LAC’s collection. These works and the accompanying archival descriptions aim to foster a better understanding of the history and culture of the Métis Nation. The exhibition explores the signs and symbols of Métis culture to decode historical records and outdated terminology to identify Métis content. 

This 1,000 sq. ft. exhibition is included with Museum Galleries admission.


Ultimate Dinosaurs

May 15, 2020 – Sep 7, 2020

Alloway Hall

Ultimate Dinosaurs introduces your students to new and unique dinosaurs from around the world. The exhibition combines rarely-seen specimens with interactive stations that highlight the scientific study of fossils. It also includes examples of augmented reality technology, which transforms full-scale dinosaur skeletons into flesh-covered moving creatures right before your eyes! Ultimate Dinosaurs examines the break-up of supercontinent Pangaea into the continents that we know today and illustrates how plate tectonics and changing continents affected the evolution of dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era.

Facilitated visits will be available for $5.25/student.