School Programs Hours

School programs are offered
between 10 am & 2 pm.

However, programs outside those hours may be accommodated.

For assistance planning or booking your visit,
please contact our programs office.


Temporary Exhibits


Coming Soon

Museum’s Choice: Fossil Favourites from Across Winnipeg

Opening March 8

Assembled by the Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Royal BC Museum, this exhibit features impressive fossils from sites all over Canada.

Strike 1919: Divided City

Opening March 22

The renewed Urban Gallery will host this immersive multi-media exhibit that explores what was happening on the ground during the historic events of the Winnipeg General Strike. Self-guiding and school programming will be available.

Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out

Opening April 17

This feature exhibit will offer an in-depth look at animals from a rarely seen perspective – the inside. Biological systems of different animals are compared to other animals, including humans. From goats to giraffes, squids to sharks, and octopuses to ostriches – students will discover the form and function of animals both exotic and familiar