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Kindergarten School Programs

Dinosaur World (grades K–2) M

Do your students have what it takes to be a junior paleontologist? This hands-on program has students testing their knowledge as they try to identify different fossils. Drama activity help students understand how fossils are created. Students also discover treasures during a tour of the Earth History Gallery.

Nonsuch Gallery Tour (grades K–12) M

Travel back in time to 1669 in our renewed Nonsuch Gallery and discover the story of the ship that launched the Hudson’s Bay Company. Tour our full-scale replica of the 17th-century vessel, the Nonsuch, and learn about the life of a sailor. Hear what it was like for the Cree of Hudson Bay when they first met 17th-century sailors.

Similarities and Differences (grades K–1) M

Learn about the basic needs of all people by exploring different homes and family communities in the Museum Galleries. Students touch and try on various clothing items such as a kimono, kilt, sari, and poncho to understand similarities and differences among people all over the world. *After October 2019, the full-sized tipi, sod house, and log house will not be included in the program due to gallery renewal.

Museum Galleries Self-Guided Visit (grades K–12) M

Journey through all nine of the Museum Galleries: Orientation, Earth History, Arctic/Sub Arctic, Boreal Forest, Nonsuch, Hudson’s Bay Company, Parklands/Mixed Woods, Grasslands, and Urban (representing Winnipeg in 1920). Plan your own program and explore at your own pace.

Colours of Science (Kindergarten) SG

This demonstration introduces the scientific method to Kindergarten students; encouraging them to ask questions, form hypotheses, and make observations. Students learn about primary
and secondary colours, including how secondary colours are formed. Experiments with prisms, liquid rainbows, UV beads, and silent “fireworks” help to reinforce the outcomes of the “Colours” cluster of the Manitoba Science Curriculum. This 90-minute program includes a 30-minute demonstration and 60 minutes of self-guided time in the Science Gallery.

Science Gallery Self-Guided Visit (grades K–12) SG

Spend 60 minutes exploring over 100 interactive exhibits that cover all aspects of science. Pull your own weight on our pulley chairs. Explore physics as you design, test, and race your own model race cars. Marvel at the mirrors in the Matrix, and explore ecology with our award-winning Lake Winnipeg: Shared Solutions simulator, finding out how YOU can help save Lake Winnipeg.

The Alien Who Stole Christmas (grades K–4) (December only) Trailer PL

It’s Christmas Eve, but Santa’s in a flying saucer instead of his sleigh! Will Christmas ever be the same? This fun holiday show uses Santa’s trip to visit all of the planets in the solar system and describes the conditions on each. A tour of the winter constellations is included.

In My Backyard with Fred Penner (grades K–1) Trailer PL

This favorite program returns! Sing and clap along with Fred Penner on the Planetarium screen as he explores the stars and discovers the Moon and planets from his backyard. Supports multiple clusters of the Kindergarten and Grade 1 science curriculum, and includes the songs, “In My Backyard,” “What Do You See When You Look at the Moon?” and “Planet Rap.”

What’s Up? (grades K–2) PL

This fun-filled live presentation introduces young astronomers to some of the celestial wonders that can be seen up in the night sky including constellations, stars, and planets. Daily and seasonal changes of our planet Earth are demonstrated throughout the program. Students are then taken on a journey to see close-up views of some of the planets, with a few surprises along the way.


Bundle Your Programs for and Inspiring All-Day Adventure

See our complete 2019-2020 School Programs Guide PDF for bundling ideas.