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Diorama Contest


Teachers, join us in celebrating the diversity of Manitoba’s history, nature, and science through the creation of your classroom’s very own “moment in time.”

Enter to win an all-access field trip in the month of June 2020 for your whole class by creating your own mini diorama!

Deadline for submissions:  April 17, 2020

The Manitoba Museum’s dioramas are some of our most popular exhibits; these three-dimensional models capture a moment in time and demonstrate the connections between humans and nature.

This year, the Manitoba Museum is celebrating our 50th anniversary, and we are encouraging classrooms to join in the celebrations by creating their own mini dioramas. All participating projects will be featured on the Museum’s social media and entered to win an all-access field trip in the month of June 2020 for your whole class.

Fill out the Diorama Contest Ballot

Deadline for submissions:  April 17, 2020



  • Dioramas must be Manitoba-themed (Person, Event, Animal, Mineral, or Plant!)
  • Dimensions – Standard Shoe Box – Maximum size is 12”x 24” (Boot Box)
  • Dioramas can be created to any scale!
  • You can work as team with your whole class or in smaller groups. We will also accept individual projects, with the prize awarded to the individual’s class in discussion with their teacher.
  • Email Corinne Antoniuk at cantoniuk@manitobamuseum.ca for more information and to arrange drop-off of your diorama. If you are located outside of Winnipeg, you can email pictures of your creation.

Important Dates: 

April 17: Deadline for submissions

May 9 to May 24: Voting for People’s Choice Winner through the Manitoba Museum’s social media

May 26: Winner Announced!

What’s the Prize?
An All-Access Pass for your class (max 25 students)

Helpful hints for creating your diorama:

  1. Pick a subject! (Make sure it has something to do with Manitoba!)
  2. Get INSPIRED – Learn about your subject.
    1. What story are you trying to tell?
    2. Where does your subject live or where did this event take place?
    3. When (in the past) did this event take place?
    4. Make a list of any important actions that are taking place in your diorama or important items that you should included.
  3. Collect items such as figurines or make objects out of recyclable materials to help tell your story.
  4. Find a shoe box and flip it on its side
  5. Decorate the background with paint and/or construction paper.
  6. Place your objects in shoe box. You can also hang object from the top of your box with string or tape.

Here is a great YouTube video to help you out!