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What’s Up?

Curriculum Target Grade(s):  1 

Suitable for Grades: K-4 

Discover the amazing sights you can see in the sky! Experience the Sun’s effect on our planet, from day and night to the seasons. Find constellations and planets, and visit other planets to learn about how special our home planet Earth is.



Grade 1

Cluster 1: Characteristics and Needs of Living Things

  • 1-1-01: Use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of characteristics and needs of living things.
  • 1-1-07: Recognize that plants, animals, and humans, as living things, have particular needs.
  • 1-1-10: Describe how humans and other living things depend on their environment to meet their needs.

Cluster 4: Daily and Seasonal Changes

  • 1-4-01: Use appropriate vocabulary related to changes over time.
  • 1-4-02: Recognize that the Sun is a source of light and heat.
  • 1-4-03: Recognize that a day is divided into day time and night time based on the presence or absence of sunlight.
  • 1-4-05: Recognize that shadows are caused by blocking light.
  • 1-4-06: Observe and describe how the Sun appears to change position over the course of a day.
  • 1-4-09: Compare characteristics of the four seasons.
  • 1-4-10: Describe how humans prepare for seasonal changes.
  • 1-4-12: Identify features of buildings that help keep humans sheltered and comfortable throughout daily and seasonal cycles.


Email [email protected] or call 204-988-0626 for more information and to discuss options for your class, group, or family.