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Voyage of the Nonsuch

Curriculum Target Grades: 4, 5, 11

Suitable for Grades: K-12

Join us for a virtual adventure highlighting the Manitoba Museum’s largest artifact, the Nonsuch. An introductory presentation will highlight the historical significance of this Manitoba Museum treasure, followed by a live and interactive virtual tour of the Nonsuch trading ship.  

Curriculum Connections

Grade 4

  • 4-VH-008: Value oral tradition as an important way to learn history.
  • 4-KI-010: Give examples of the contributions of diverse ethnic and cultural communities to the history of Manitoba.
  • 4-KH-035: Describe ways in which life in Manitoba has changed over time.
  • 4-VH-009: Appreciate the significance of Manitoba’s history in their lives.

Grade 5

  • KH-025: Relate stories of European explorers and traders in their search for new lands or the Northwest Passage.
  • KG-043: Identify European countries that established colonial empires and locate on a world map their areas of colonization.
  • KP-047: Identify reasons why Europeans expanded their territories to include North America.
  • KH-024: Relate First Peoples’ stories of their pre-contact and early contact with Europeans.
  • KH-026: Give examples of the impact of interactions between First Peoples and European explorers, colonists, and missionaries.
  • KH-031: Describe factors that led to the development and expansion of the fur trade into the west and north of Canada.
  • KG-044: Identify global factors that influenced the fur trade in Canada.
  • KH-032: Relate stories of the people and events of the fur trade.
  • S-308: Compare diverse perspectives in a variety of information sources.

Grade 11

  • Essential Question 11.1.3: How did First Peoples and Europeans interact in the Northwest, and what were the results?
  • Topics: Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) & The Western Fur Trade


Email [email protected] or call 204-988-0626 for more information and to discuss options for your class, group, or family.