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Curriculum Target Grades: 6 & 11

Suitable for Grades: 4–12

This live, interactive program will put you in the role of historian as we examine artifacts, photos and documents to learn more about the diverse Manitobans who participated in the war effort at home and abroad.

Curriculum Connections

  • S-201: Organize and record information in a variety of formats and reference sources appropriately.
  • S-202: Distinguish between primary and secondary information sources for research.
  • S-305: Observe and analyze material and visual evidence for research.
  • KI-021: Identify various individuals from Canada’s past and present, and describe their achievements.
  • KH-037: Describe changing roles for women in Canada from 1914 to 1945.
  • KG-042: Describe Canada’s involvement in the Second World War and identify its impact on Canadian individuals and communities.
  • KG-041: Identify major causes and events of the Second World War.