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Inuit: People of the North

Curriculum Target Grade: 3, 4, 5

Suitable for Grades: 2-6

Students will learn about the resourcefulness of Inuit communities and their use of skin, stone, bone, and snow. We will investigate artifacts such as the ulu, qulliq, and bow drill, and then take a live virtual tour into the Arctic and Subarctic Gallery. We will examine the flora and fauna of this region and see more examples of historical clothing, weapons, toys, and tools.

Curriculum Connections

Grade 3

  • 3-KI-009: Define the elements that constitute a culture.
  • 3-KI-010: Describe characteristics of daily life in communities studied.
  • 3-KI-011: Give examples of cultural expression in communities studied.
  • 3-KI-012: Recognize the diversity of cultures and communities in the world.
  • 3-KL-017: Describe the influence of natural phenomena on ways of life in communities studied.
  • 3-KL-018: Give examples of the use of natural resources in communities studied.
  • 3-KL-020: Locate communities or countries studied on a world map or globe.
  • 3-KE-036: Give examples of how the natural environment influences work, goods, technologies, and trade in communities studied.

Grade 4

  • 4-KI-013: Describe Aboriginal contributions to the northern territory studied. –
  • KI-014: Give examples of Aboriginal languages, cultures, and communities in the northern territory studied.
  • 4-KL-028: Locate on a map and describe physical features of the northern territory studied.
  • 4-KL-029: Identify natural resources in the northern territory studied.
  • 4-KL-032: Describe various purposes of inuksuit.
  • 4-KH-038: Describe changes in ways of life in the last century in the northern territory studied.

Grade 5

  • S-305: Observe and analyze material or visual evidence for research.
  • KI-005: Describe characteristics of diverse First Peoples cultures before contact with Europeans.
  • KI-006: Compare daily life in diverse First Peoples communities.
  • KL-017: Describe practices and beliefs that reflected First Peoples’ connections with the land and the natural environment.
  • KH-036: Give examples of the impact of interactions between First Peoples and European traders and settlers.