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Exploring the Solar System

Curriculum Target Grade(s): 6

Suitable for Grades: 5-9

Discover your place in space! Explore the planets of our solar system, as well as moons, asteroids, and comets, and learn about how we explore them using technology and in-person. Go from our backyard view of a “flat earth” through the earth-centered and then sun-centered solar system, model moon phases, and discover the technology we use to understand other planets and what that data teaches us about our own planet.



Grade 6

Cluster 4: Exploring the Solar System

  • 6-4-01: Use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of Earth and space.
  • 6-4-06: Identify technological devices placed in space that help humans learn more about the Earth and communicate more efficiently.
  • 6-4-07: Describe how the conception of the Earth and its position in space have been continuously questioned and how our understanding has evolved over time.
  • 6-4-08: Recognize that the Sun is the centre of the solar system and it is the source of energy for all life on Earth.
  • 6-4-09: Identify the planets in the solar system and describe their size relative to the Earth and their position relative to the Sun.
  • 6-4-10: Classify planets as inner or outer planets, based on their position relative to the asteroid belt, and describe characteristics of each type.
  • 6-4-12: Explain, using models and simulations, how the Earth’s rotation causes the cycle of day and night, and how the Earth’s tilt of axis and revolution cause the yearly cycle of seasons.
  • 6-4-14: Explain how the relative positions of the Earth, moon, and Sun are responsible for moon phases and eclipses.
  • 6-4-15 Identify points of reference in the night sky and recognize that the apparent movement of celestial objects is regular, predictable, and related to the Earth’s rotation and revolution.


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