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Exploring the Fur Trade

Curriculum Target Grades: 4, 5, 11

Suitable for Grades: 4-12

This live, interactive program introduces participants to the big picture of the fur trade. Investigate the different roles of those involved in the fur trade (e.g. trappers and traders) and the development of fur trading companies. Learn how a trading post worked and uncover some of the technologies, objects, and ideas traded between Europeans and First Nations. 

Curriculum Connections

Grade 4

  • 4-KI-010: Give examples of the contributions of diverse ethnic and cultural communities to the history of Manitoba.
  • 4-KH-035: Describe ways in which life in Manitoba has changed over time.
  • 4-VH-009: Appreciate the significance of Manitoba’s history in their lives.

Grade 5

  • KH-031: Describe factors that led to the development and expansion of the fur trade into the west and north of Canada.
  • KE-053: Compare and contrast the operations of the Hudson’s Bay and the North West Companies and describe the competition between them.
  • VI-003: Appreciate the contributions of various groups involved in the fur trade to the historical development of Canada.
  • KE-052: Describe how the fur trade was dependent on the men and women of the First Nations and Métis Nation.
  • KI-009: Describe daily life and challenges for various groups involved in the fur trade.

Grade 11

  • Essential Question 11.1.3: How did First Peoples and Europeans interact in the Northwest, and what were the results?
  • Topics:  Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) & The Western Fur Trade


Email [email protected] or call 204-988-0626 for more information and to discuss options for your class, group, or family.