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A Changing Manitoba

Curriculum Target Grades: 7 & 10

Suitable for Grades: 7-12

Evidence of human-induced climate change can be found in every corner of our globe, from the coldest reaches of Antarctica to the deepest trenches in the Pacific Ocean. Get students focused locally by going on a facilitated tour through our museum galleries to discover how altering our climate is resulting in effects we can see happening right here in our province of Manitoba. Compare natural vs human-induced factors, and look at causes and effects of climate change on the peoples, land, and biodiversity of our province.  Students will also examine actions they can take in their own lives to contribute to solutions through engaging discussions and interactive elements.

Curriculum Connections

 Grade 7

  • KC-004: Describe ways in which their personal actions may affect quality of life for people elsewhere in the world
  • KL-026: Identify human activities that contribute to climate change
  • KL-027: Describe social, environmental, and economic consequences of climate change
  • KL-029: Give examples of the impact of human activity on the natural environment in a society
  • VL-009: Be willing to take actions to help sustain the natural environment in Canada and the world
  • VE-017: Be willing to consider the consequences of their consumer choices


Grade 10

  • S2-1-02: Discuss factors that may disturb biogeochemical cycles. Include: natural events, human activities
  • S2-4-07: Investigate and evaluate evidence that climate change occurs naturally and can be influenced by human activities. Include the use of technology in gathering and interpreting current and historical data
  • S2-4-08: Discuss potential consequences of climate change. Examples include changes in ocean temperature may affect aquatic populations,  higher frequency of severe weather events influencing social an economic activities


Email [email protected] or call 204-988-0626 for more information and to discuss options for your class, group, or family.