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THE SKY TONIGHT – Planetarium

45 minutes – $5.25/student

Suitable for Grades: 3-6

This live planetarium presentation portrays celestial objects and events that can be seen in the night skies over Manitoba. Learn the basics of finding your way around the night sky with the constellations, and discover the Moon and the planets of our solar system. Because the night sky changes with time, some content is unique for the date it is booked.



Grade 6

Cluster 4: Exploring the Solar System

  • 6-4-01: Use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of Earth and space.
  • 6-4-07: Describe how the conception of the Earth and its position in space have been continuously questioned and how our understanding has evolved over time.
  • 6-4-08: Recognize that the Sun is the centre of the solar system and it is the source of energy for all life on Earth.
  • 6-4-12: Explain, using models and simulations, how the Earth’s rotation causes the cycle of day and night, and how the Earth’s tilt of axis and revolution cause the yearly cycle of seasons.
  • 6-4-14 Explain how the relative positions of the Earth, moon, and Sun are responsible for moon phases and eclipses.
  • 6-4-15: Identify points of reference in the night sky and recognize that the apparent movement of celestial objects is regular, predictable, and related to the Earth’s rotation and revolution.
  • 6-4-16: Identify and describe how people from various cultures, past and present, apply astronomy in daily life.
  • 6-4-17: Differentiate between astrology and astronomy, and explain why astrology is considered unscientific.