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The Enchanted Reef

The Enchanted Reef – Planetarium  

Only available from April to June 2023!

45 minutes – $5.25/student


Suitable for: Kindergarten to Grade 6

One day, out of nowhere, an enormous trawler devastates the bustling and colorful coral reef where the lively perciform, Shorty, his smart sister, Indigo, and Jake, a daring sawfish, live. Our three heroes survive this only with a great deal of luck and they are forced to leave their destroyed habitat. Follow Shorty, Indigo, and Jake on their quest across the vastly polluted ocean to find a new home. Will they find a safe place to live in again? 

The Enchanted Reef is an exciting, humorous, and touching animated show designed to teach students from kindergarten to Grade 6 about the moving beauty of the seas and the endangerment of its species because of massive human impact. The story combines entertaining and educative elements into a sustainable message about the great importance of our oceans.  

Watch a trailer for The Enchanted Reef here:

The Enchanted Reef – Planetarium show trailer

Premiering on March 22, 2023, and running throughout Spring Break is our newest Planetarium show, The Enchanted Reef! When their home reef is destroyed by a fishing trawler, three brave fish set out on a quest across the polluted ocean to find the “Enchanted Reef” – a legendary pristine haven under the sea.

Curriculum Connections

Grade 1

Cluster 1: Characteristics and Needs of Living Things

  • 1-1-07 Recognize that plants, animals, and humans, as living things, have particular needs.
  • 1-1-10 Describe how humans and other living things depend on their environment to meet their needs.
  • 1-1-14 Show respect for living things in their immediate environment.

Grade 2

Cluster 1: Growth and Changes in Animals

  • 2-1-12 Describe and classify a wide range of animals according to various characteristics and behaviors.
  • 2-1-16 Observer and describe an animal’s life processes.
  • 2-1-17 Identify and describe ways in which humans help other animals.

Cluster 4: Air and Water Environment

  • 2-4-11 Explain and appreciate the importance of clean air and water for humans, plants, and animals.
  • 2-4-12 Identify substances that pollute air and water, and describe ways of reducing such pollution.

Grade 4

Cluster 1: Habitats and Communities

  • 4-1-01 Use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of habitats and communities.
  • 4-1-02 Recognize that each plant and animal depends on a specific habitat to meet its needs.
  • 4-1-03 Identify the components of an animal habitat.
  • 4-1-04 Identify physical and behavioural adaptations of animals and plants, and infer how these adaptations help them to survive in a specific habitat.
  • 4-1-09 Recognize that plant and animal populations interact within a community.
  • 4-1-14 Investigate natural and human-caused changes to habitats, and identify resulting effects on plant and animal populations.
  • 4-1-15 Describe how their actions can help conserve plant and animal populations and their habitats.

Grade 6

Cluster 1: Diversity of Living Things

  • 6-1-01 Use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of the diversity of living things.
  • 6-1-08 Observe and describe the diversity of living things within the local environment.