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The Amazing Light Show and Workshop

The Amazing Light Show and Workshop – Planetarium

1 hour 45 minutes – $6.50/ student

Curriculum Target Grade: 4

This two-part program is based on the Grade 4 “Light” cluster of the Manitoba Science Curriculum. Inside the Planetarium, students participate in a talk-show style program, learning the basic concepts of light from such guests as Sir Isaac Newton and roving reporters throughout the solar system. After the show, students head into the workshop for hands-on experimentation with lenses and mirrors. As part of the program, each student makes their own kaleidoscope to take home.



4-2-01 Use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of light.

Include: energy, reflect, absorb, transmit, artificial, light beam, transparent, translucent, opaque, technological development, science, brightness

4-2-02 Give examples of various forms of energy.

4-2-03 Recognize that energy is an integral part of daily life.

4-2-04 Demonstrate that white light can be separated into colours.

4-2-05 Distinguish between objects that produce their own light and those that reflect light from another source.

4-2-06 Identify a variety of natural and artificial light sources.

4-2-07 Observe and describe properties of light.

4-2-08 Explore to determine effects different materials and objects have on a light beam.

4-2-09 Recognize that most objects that produce light also give off heat, and identify objects that produce light but give off little or no heat.

4-2-10 Classify materials as transparent, translucent, or opaque.

4-2-13 Identify technological developments that extend our ability to see, and recognize their impact on science.

4-2-14 Use the design process to construct a device that transmits and reflects light.