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Hours of Operation


All Attractions open
Thursday – Sunday
11 am – 5 pm


See Planetarium show
schedule, here.


We look forward to seeing you!

at the Manitoba Museum.

This policy will be in place
until June 30.

Click for Holiday Hours
Hours of operation vary for different holidays.


Victoria Day (May 23)
All attractions open
11 am – 5 pm



THE ALIEN WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS (December only) – Planetarium

45 minutes – $5.25/student

Suitable for Grades: K–3

It’s Christmas Eve, but Santa’s in a flying saucer instead of his sleigh! Will Christmas ever be the same? This fun holiday show uses Santa’s trip to visit all of the planets in the solar system, and describes the conditions on each. A tour of the winter constellations is included



Grade K

Cluster 4: Colours

  • K-2-07 Explore to identify and describe colours found in their environment.

Grade 1

Cluster 1: Characteristics of Living Things

  • 1-1-06 Observe and identify similarities in life processes between themselves and other living things.
  • 1-1-10 Describe how humans and other living things depend on their environment to meet their needs.

Cluster 2: The Senses

  • 1-2-10 Identify objects and procedures that protect the body and preserve each of the senses in explorations and in daily life.

Cluster 4: Daily and Seasonal Changes

  • 1-4-01 Use appropriate vocabulary related to changes over time.
  • 1-4-02 Recognize that the Sun is a source of light and heat.
  • 1-4-03 Recognize that a day is divided into day time and night time based on the presence or absence of sunlight.

Grade 2

Cluster 2: Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gas

  • 2-2-01 Use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of solids, liquids, and gases.
  • 2-2-02 Identify substances, materials, and objects as solids or liquids.
  • 2-2-03 Investigate and compare properties of familiar solids.
  • 2-2-04 Investigate and compare properties of familiar liquids.
  • 2-2-11 Explore to determine that there is a substance around us called air.
  • 2-2-12 Recognize that air is composed of several gases.
  • 2-2-13 Identify properties of gases.

Grade 3

Cluster 3: Forces That Attract and Repel

  • 3-3-01 Use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of forces.
  • 3-3-03 Describe evidence showing that objects and living things on or near Earth are pulled toward it by a force called gravity.