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Hours of Operation


All Attractions open
Thursday – Sunday
11 am – 5 pm


See Planetarium show
schedule, here.


We look forward to seeing you!

at the Manitoba Museum.

This policy will be in place
until further notice.

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Hours of operation vary for different holidays.


Victoria Day (May 23)
All attractions open
11 am – 5 pm


OUR COMMUNITY – Museum Galleries

OUR COMMUNITY – Museum Galleries

60 minutes – $5.25/student

Includes free self-guiding in Museum Galleries before or after your program

Curriculum Target Grade: 2

Students learn about Winnipeg’s Indigenous roots and see how our community has grown and changed over time as they help build a map. They are introduced to different community groups and identify the resources and services that were available. Students take a tour of the Winnipeg Gallery to see what Winnipeg looked like 100 years ago.



S-204: Use simple timelines to organize information chronologically.

S-206: Interpret maps that include a title, legend, and symbols.

KI-004: Identify the defining characteristics of communities.

KI-005: Describe characteristics of their local communities.

KI-006: Identify cultural groups in their local communities.

KI-008: Recognize that stories of their elders, groups, and communities help shape who they are.

KI-008A: Recognize that their Elders, ancestors, and communities connect them to the past, present, and future.

KI-013: Recognize that Aboriginal, francophone, and other cultural communities are part of the Canadian community.

KI-015: Recognize that a variety of languages are spoken in Canada.