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Hours of Operation

Museum Galleries, Planetarium & Science Gallery

CLOSED until February 3, in the interest of public health and safety.


We look forward to seeing you when we open once again!

at the Manitoba Museum

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Hours of operation vary for different holidays.


EARTH’S CRUST – Museum Galleries

EARTH’S CRUST – Museum Galleries

60 minutes – $5.25/student

Includes free self-guiding time in Museum Galleries before or after the program.

Curriculum Target Grade: 7

The formation of rocks is examined while students sort rocks into three types – igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. In the Earth History Gallery, students are introduced to mining in Manitoba, the properties of a beautiful variety of minerals, and how minerals are essential in our lives. Our award-winning digital Ancient Seas exhibition illustrates how fossils found in Manitoba support the theory of plate tectonics.



7-4-02 Describe the Earth’s structure. Include: crust, mantle, outer core, inner core.

7-4-03 Describe the geological processes involved in rock and mineral formation, and classify rocks and minerals by their method of formation.

7-4-04 Investigate and describe the processes of weathering and erosion, and recognize that they cause changes in the landscape over time. Include: physical, biological, and chemical weathering. GLO: D3, D5,

7-4-05 Explain how rocks on the Earth constantly undergo a slow process of change through the rock cycle.

7-4-06 Identify geological resources that are used by humans as sources of energy, and describe their method of formation. Include: fossil fuels, geothermal energy.

 7-4-07 Identify geological resources that are present in Manitoba and Canada, and describe the processes involved in their location, extraction, processing, and recycling. Include: fossil fuels, minerals.

7-4-08 Identify environmental impacts of geological resource extraction, and describe techniques used to address these.

7-4-14 Explain geological processes and events using the theory of plate tectonics. Include: mountain formation, earthquakes, volcanoes.