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Atlas of a Changing Earth

Atlas of a Changing Earth – Planetarium

45 minutes – $5.25/student

Curriculum Target Grade: 5; 10-12; Education for Sustainable Development (any level)

Suitable for Grades: 5-12

This is the story of how a revolution in one of the most basic of all human enterprises – the making of maps – is shedding new light on our planet’s evolution in the wake of rising global temperatures. Using stunning, latest-generation imagery from space, “Atlas of a Changing Earth” takes viewers into the dynamic processes causing coastal glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica to melt, and explores how rising seas could threaten coastlines the world over. These striking new images are produced by the confluence of satellites and supercomputers, revealing Earth in a degree of precise detail scarcely imagined a generation ago.

Watch the trailer:

Atlas of a Changing Earth (Trailer)

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Grade 5 Science Cluster 4: Weather

5-4-02 Describe how weather conditions may affect the activities of humans and other animals

5-4-12 Describe examples of technological advances that have enabled humans to deepen their scientific understanding of weather and improve the accuracy of

weather predictions

5-4-18 Recognize that climates around the world are ever changing, and identify possible explanations.


Gr 10 Science Cluster 1: Dynamics of Ecosystems

S2-1-02 Discuss factors that may disturb biogeochemical cycles. include: natural events, human activities

S2-1-10 Investigate how human activities affect an ecosystem and use the decision-making model to propose a course of action to enhance its sustainability. Include: impact on biogeochemical cycling, population dynamics, and biodiversity


Also provides basic content and context for Gr 9 Social Studies Cluster 3: Canada in the Global ContextGr 12 Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability; and for any level of Education for Sustainable Development projects.