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Author Archives: Cindy Colford

Glass Menageries

Post by Janis Klapecki, Collections Management Specialist (Natural History)  Amongst the many and varied Natural History Collections at the Manitoba Museum, is a most unusual collection of ‘cases’. These unique display cases of glass panels held together by dark varnished wood frames, are commonly known as parlour cases. The contents combine the artistry of fabricating faux habitats, with the expertise of creating life-like mounts through taxidermy. Some are as small…

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The Story of a Book: A Conservation Tale of Repair

Post by Carolyn Sirett, Conservator  As a repository for over 2.8 million artifacts and specimens, the Manitoba Museum possesses a collection that is made up of pretty much everything and anything you can imagine!  One of the more humble artifacts that you might not think of in the museum’s collection, and one that is of practical use in everyday lives, are books.  I personally only thought of books as the…

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Revamping Madam Taro’s Room

Post by Cortney Pachet, Collections Registration Associate (Human History)  With changes happening throughout the museum, we sometimes find opportunities to update existing exhibits and breathe new life into old favourites. Last spring, when our temporary exhibition about the Winnipeg General Strike, Strike 1919: Divided City, was installed in our Urban Gallery and the entire gallery received beautiful, new mannequins, I jumped at the chance to revamp one of my favourite…

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Fowlie Collection Homecoming

Post by Cortney Pachet, Collections Registration Associate (Human History) From October 2018 to October 2019, Cortney served temporarily as the Assistant Curator of the HBC Museum Collection while the Curator was away on leave.  As part of her curatorial role, Cortney processed the Fowlie collection acquisition and curated a small temporary exhibition about the collection. Throughout its history, the Hudson’s Bay Company had a tradition of recruiting young men from…

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Monumental Moves: Sweating over Big Artifacts (Part 2)

Post by Carolyn Sirett, Conservator It’s time for the sweaty part of the blog – not the panicky sweating type of emotion I first experienced when large fragile artifacts were being transported all over the city – but literally sweaty in the sense that big artifacts get your muscles moving prepping them for exhibition.  Our first workout began after the stained glass window was delivered to Prairie Studio Glass for…

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Dioramas: Where Science Meets Art

Post by Debbie Thompson, Diorama and Collections Technician Dioramas are incredible works of “science meets art”.  Planning the layout, construction and content often takes years, with a tremendous amount of research and collaboration with curators, diorama artists, carpenters, and electricians.   Volunteers are also a vital part of the making of dioramas; they take on the mammoth task of hand painting individual leaves.  But what happens after the fanfare of the…

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Monumental Moves: Sweating over Big Artifacts (Part 1)

Post by Carolyn Sirett, Conservator If you want to see the blood pressure rise in a conservator, display really big, historically significant, breakable objects at least ten feet off the ground.   It’s the next phase in our Bringing Our Stories Forward capital gallery renewal project, and the conservation team has moved to treating artifacts for the Winnipeg Gallery set to open in the fall of 2019.  The objects going on…

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Lesser Known Manitoba Botanists (Part 1)

Post by Karen Sereda, Collections Registration Associate (Natural History) The incredible diversity of the Museum’s herbarium can only be credited to the dedicated collectors of botanical specimens, both modern and historical. Recently, while updating some herbarium specimens, I came across some plants in our collection dating from the early part of the 20th century. The importance of these specimens cannot be emphasized enough, as many of them come from locations…

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Going My Way? Conservation of a Streetcar Sign

Post by Angela May, Conservation Intern The Collections and Conservation Department hosted Angela May on her 15 week curriculum-based internship between September and December 2018.  This internship was the final requirement for Fleming College’s Graduate Certificate in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management. Before artifacts go on exhibition in the galleries, they come to the conservation lab for assessment and treatment if necessary.  Recently I began work on preparing artifacts for…

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Smooth Skating

Post by Nancy Anderson, Collections Management Associate (Human History) Visitors to the Manitoba Museum are currently enjoying two hockey themed exhibitions – Hockey: The Stories Behind our Passion from the Canadian Museum of History and Manitoba Heart of Hockey developed and produced by the Manitoba Museum. Both exhibitions examine the meaning of hockey in the lives of Canadians as players and their families, coaches, officials, broadcasters, and fans. One person who…

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