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Tag Archives: Precambrian

Time’s Waypoints

The Deep History of the Churchill Quartzite As we pass through life we accumulate scars, each of which tells a story about an event that affected us. This white line on my hand shows where I fell hard on a tree stump in Nova Scotia when I was 19 years old. That pain in my ankle reminds me of an injury from another fall 30 years later, on an oil-slicked…

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The Mineral Exhibit 2: Installation

The past week we have been very busy installing our temporary exhibit on molluscs (The World is Their Oyster: Marvellous Molluscs), which will open in a few days. While thinking about this exhibit process, I remembered that there are some splendid photos of the installation of our mineral exhibit, courtesy of our designer, Stephanie Whitehouse. So as a follow-up to the post about that exhibit a few months back, here…

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The Exhibit Collaboration

An exhibit is a group invention. A curator devises and develops the content of the exhibit, deciding what specimens and other materials should be shown, and writing text about those materials. But most successful exhibits evolve through collaboration, in which the curator is but one player. At this Museum, we have a well-defined process in which exhibits go through distinct development stages. Many people are involved as key decisions are made, and as work…

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Exhibit Layouts

Last week, in our lab and in the small layout room next door, we were juggling specimens for two Earth History Gallery exhibits. We are developing a timeline that will lead the visitor from the formation of the Earth (4.5 billion years ago) right up to the Ordovician Period of our Ancient Seas exhibit (about 450 million years ago). This timeline will feature quite a number of unusual geological specimens and…

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On My Scanner

This week I have been working on an exhibit about the early history of life on Earth. We have selected several specimens for this exhibit, including examples of stromatolites, mat-like structures formed by bacteria and Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Some of the Precambrian specimens in our collection had been cut and polished, so I have been putting them on my flatbed scanner to produce images. Modern scanners are very sophisticated digital…

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