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Hockey: The Stories Behind our Passion

OPENS July 6, 2018 AND RUNS TO January 13, 2019
Jacques Plante’s “pretzel” mask
Designed by W. A. Burchmore and E. T. P. Greenland, Early 1960s
© Canadian Museum of History

The flick of the wrist-shot. The roar of the fans. The sweat-soaked smell of the dressing room. For millions of Canadians, winter means hockey and hockey means everything – a sport integral to Canadian society. Hockey brings us together. It thrills us. It is part of our identity, our shared history. It is a passion handed down from generation to generation, a recreational activity, and a commercial enterprise.

Be there when the puck drops on Hockey. Trace the sport’s evolution through historic highlight reels, interactive components, and one-of-a-kind artifacts. Explore the places where Canadians live and breathe hockey: from dressing room to press-box, rink to corporate boardroom, players’ bench to the backyard game. Find out why hockey holds pride of place in the hearts of Canadians.

This unique travelling exhibition offers visitors an exciting interactive experience showcasing high points in the sport from both yesterday and today. Exploring the importance and influence of hockey, this exhibition looks back to the past 100 years and brings the history of the sport to life through profiles of participants at both the professional and amateur levels.


The Manitoba Museum is also proud to present Manitoba: Heart of Hockey in conjunction with Hockey, exploring our hockey history, and featuring key players that have made this game so endeared to Manitobans.



Paul Henderson’s Summit Series Jersey
Worn in Moscow, USSR • 1972 • Private collection, Mitchell Goldhar
© Canadian Museum of History








An exhibition developed by the Canadian Museum of History.
An initiative from the History Museum Network.