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Category Archives: Exhibits

Blogs about new botany exhibits and the creation process.

Cosmomania exhibit takes shape

We’re deep in the instalaltion of our upcoming exhibit, “Cosmomania: The Great Space Adventure”. Here are a few images from the exhibit, which opens February 4th and is FREE to the public (thank you to the Canadian Space Agency for supporting its cross-Canada tour).

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Christmas Fruits

Botanically speaking, a fruit is the plant part that contains seeds.  Before the invention of modern refrigeration, fresh fruit was only eaten when it was in season.  To enjoy fruits at other times of the year, preservation was necessary.  Drying fruits by burying them in sand or sun-drying them is the oldest method, beginning in ancient Egypt over 6,000 years ago.  Plums, currants and cranberries are all native to northern…

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Christmas Spices

The spices we typically associate with Christmas baking, like nutmeg and cinnamon, all grow in tropical areas.  Before the shipping of spices became reliable, they were rare and expensive in Europe, and for this reason used only for special occasions like weddings and holidays.  Many traditional Christmas desserts are made with a variety of exotic spices.  Mulled beverages, like wassail, are prepared by heating the liquid with a mixture of…

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The Botany of Christmas

I come from a long line of European women who did a lot of baking: fresh bread and buns, pies, squares, cookies and strudels.  Although my mother and grandmother baked throughout the year, Christmas was my favorite time because that’s when the really special treats were made, things that you didn’t eat just every day: hot roasted chestnuts, fruitcake, butter tarts, honey cake, shortbread and chocolate Yule log. As I…

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Whom to be thankful to on Thanksgiving

Ask anyone if they can name a type of Ukrainian food and they will immediately answer perogies.  Italian food is clearly spaghetti and meatballs while spicy, peanut-based curries are classic Thai fare.  But ask someone to name a Canadian or American dish and most people will either draw a blank or perhaps mutter something about hamburgers and hot dogs (which are actually German) or pizza (which is Italian).  It is…

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August update

Finally back to blogging after being away on baby leave for a while. The Sky Update section of the Museum’s website has been updated with August information, and September’s update will occur this week. We’re also in the last couple of weeks of laser shows at the planetarium – only until September 6th!

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Astronaut Bob Thirsk coming to visit!

Canada’s most experienced astronaut, Dr. Robert Thirsk, will be visiting the Museum tomorrow to give a public presentation on his six months in space aboard the International Space Station. I’m lucky enough to be hosting him – I’ll post some pictures after our event tomorrow. The event is at 10AM in the Auditoiurm at The Manitoba Museum – you can get in by contacting me through the Museum switchboard to…

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Creating Natural Wonders

When I started working here at the Museum I used to spend part of my lunch break peeking into cabinets in the natural history collections room. I was amazed at the variety of organisms we have here: trays upon trays of tropical butterflies, huge beetles, giant fungi, exquisite fossils of long-extinct plants and sea creatures. One day I even came across a stuffed duck-billed platypus; an Australian mammal that I’ve…

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