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De-Stressing With Plants

By Dr. Diana Bizecki Robson, Curator of Botany   During the pandemic, many people have experienced increased stress levels due to illness, work difficulties, and isolation. But many of us have discovered there is solace to be had in the natural world. In 1984, biologist E.O. Wilson noted that “biophilia”, or a “love of nature”, is a normal part of human psychology. We don’t just love nature; we need it…

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Together Under the Stars: A Gateway to Discovery and Inspiration

By Scott D. Young, Planetarium Astronomer Why are people fascinated by the stars? Perhaps because we see ourselves reflected in them. The rotation of the Earth defines our days with the rising and setting of the Sun. Every culture throughout history has drawn its hopes and dreams in the night sky, developing its own constellations to help track the seasons. These cycles have defined the human experience throughout time, and…

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The galaxy at its most glorious

To really feel the vastness of the universe, sometimes all you have to do is look up. You can see some amazing sights from your backyard, but to get the best views you may need to travel a little. At Expedia.ca, we love getting lost in the beauty of the cosmos. When we learned that The Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium offers tours of the night sky in the planetarium show, “Live…

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