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Category Archives: HBC Collection

Northern Exposure- Part 2

Just a few days after coming back from York Landing I was packing up the truck to make the drive back north, only this time I was going back to get my trowel dirty! As you can imagine, the remnants of the fur trade are all over this fine country and while many of the big sites have been investigated there are hundreds of smaller posts scattered along the waterways…

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Northern Exposure – Part 1

Summer fieldwork has begun, which means many of us Curators are out and about conducting our research.  My fieldwork has me working in Northern Manitoba, for the first time!  I spent some time in the evenings writing up blog posts so I could post when I returned from the field, here’s the first installment. My first trip north was mid-June with Kevin Brownlee (Curator of Archaeology) as we are working…

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Smile Big for the Camera

Okay, so artefacts can’t really smile but they are regularly involved in photo shoots, and with the right photographer these pieces of history can really shine. One way we preserve our collections is by properly documenting the artefacts through photography.  We can then use these photos for research, exhibits, publications, and to provide a visual in our database. Taking pictures of artefacts is not easy.  You’d think it would be because…

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

No, this post isn’t about a wedding but that old saying works equally as well for our new permanent exhibit leading into the Nonsuch Gallery! Despite the fact that the Nonsuch is one of our biggest attractions at the museum, some people were missing it entirely due to some poorly positioned carpet arrows and a drab entryway.  Last fall I sat down with our amazing designer Stephanie Whitehouse to figure…

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Mural, Mural, On the Wall

On September 30th we participated in a lovely anniversary celebration with our friends at the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives and Canada’s National History Society to acknowledge two important events: 40 years since the transfer of the archival records to the Manitoba Archives; and 20 years since the HBC officially donated the archives to the Province of Manitoba, and the artefacts to The Manitoba Museum. For me the highlight of the…

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300 Years Later

Recently my friends over at the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives (HBCA) showed me an amazing piece of HBC history, the first post journal for York Factory.  They had selected it for their latest Spotlight feature on their website as the journal was celebrating its 300th anniversary on September 11.  You can check out this interesting feature here to learn more about James Knight’s first year at York Factory, and be sure to…

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HBC on the Web

There are a number of good sites to visit if you’re interested in learning more about the HBC but one of my favourite go-to sites is produced by some good colleagues of mine at HBC Heritage Services.  You can check it out here.     This website has a ton of information so I encourage you to take some time and explore it if you haven’t already.  Teachers and students should head…

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Making Connections

Even though I’ve been in the job for 9 months there are still parts of the collection that I’m not as comfortable with, largely because I’ve never worked in that geographic region.  That’s why I was very excited to receive a request from Jennifer Kramer, Pacific Northwest Curator at the Museum of Anthropology (MOA) in Vancouver to come and look at any Northwest Coast artefacts during her visit to Winnipeg….

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An Act of Kindness: PART 1.5

I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s happened to the blog, I promised a Part 2 for the story of Tullauhiu’s leg and I have yet to deliver! Truthfully, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of research.  Although I’ve discovered some interesting tidbits, I want to wait until I’ve uncovered the full story before I present it to you here. I had some great feedback from Part 1 of this blog…

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An Act of Kindness

When I first started at the museum I spent a lot of time opening cabinets and drawers to check out this remarkable collection that is now under my care.  There are many impressive artefacts, but this one really struck a chord with me. I opened a drawer to find what appears to be a simple box (carefully constructed by skilled conservators!).  A closer look at the photo label revealed this:…

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