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Category Archives: Collections & Conservation

The Rogues’ Gallery of the Manitoba Museum

Written by Aro van Dyck, Collections Technician, Natural History My first day at the Manitoba Museum began with a guided behind-the-scenes tour through the research labs, workshops, and collections storage rooms that are not accessible to the public. On a tight schedule, I got to see a little bit of everything, but when the tour was over I knew I needed to see so much more. Through the next week…

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Maximizing Space: Improving the preservation and storage of large mammal skins

Post by Marc Formosa, Collections Technician (Natural History) A current and ongoing problem for museums is collection storage space. Maximizing space for expanding collections requires Tetris-like problem solving. We are always looking for ways to make the most of the space we have, while improving the long-term preservation of the objects in the collection. In the spring of 2021, I had the chance to virtually attend the joint American Institution…

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Collecting Today for Tomorrow

Post by Nancy Anderson, Collections Management Specialist (Human History)  Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has played a central, and disruptive role in all our lives. In the coming decades will COVID become a significant cultural memory, or will we begin to suffer from historic amnesia? Terabytes of information may be deposited in archives around the world. For museums, even ordinary artifacts will become powerful tools to engage…

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Pinning Insects for the Museum’s Collections: where skill meets art, and sometimes a little luck!

Post by Janis Klapecki, Collections Management Specialist (Natural History) As part of the Manitoba Museum’s entomology collection, we house over 60,000 pinned insects, true bugs, and arachnids. In addition, there are a further ~3000 invertebrates preserved in alcohol, also referred to as “wet” specimens. While the majority of the collection are pinned insects in their adult form, there are also examples of the many and varied life stages that occur…

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Dressed to Impress: The Art of Fitting Historic Textiles

Post by Carolyn Sirett, Conservator and Lee-Ann Blase, Conservation Volunteer  We have all seen those lifeless mannequins looking sad and lonely in a store’s window front, longing for the next wardrobe change of a new season.  Here at the museum we like to give our mannequins a bit more attention to detail compared to their retail cousins, what some might call, a full spa treatment! Humans are uniquely different from…

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How to polish a jellyfish

Post by Debbie Thompson, Diorama and Collections Specialist  More than 440 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, northern Manitoba was at the edge of a sea near the equator.  Among the many invertebrates that swam and lived in the salty waters were jellyfish.  Their fossilized remains are the focus of ongoing research at the Museum. After years of collecting, specific specimens were chosen to undergo a process called thin…

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Glass Menageries

Post by Janis Klapecki, Collections Management Specialist (Natural History)  Amongst the many and varied Natural History Collections at the Manitoba Museum, is a most unusual collection of ‘cases’. These unique display cases of glass panels held together by dark varnished wood frames, are commonly known as parlour cases. The contents combine the artistry of fabricating faux habitats, with the expertise of creating life-like mounts through taxidermy. Some are as small…

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The Story of a Book: A Conservation Tale of Repair

Post by Carolyn Sirett, Conservator  As a repository for over 2.8 million artifacts and specimens, the Manitoba Museum possesses a collection that is made up of pretty much everything and anything you can imagine!  One of the more humble artifacts that you might not think of in the museum’s collection, and one that is of practical use in everyday lives, are books.  I personally only thought of books as the…

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Revamping Madam Taro’s Room

Post by Cortney Pachet, Collections Registration Associate (Human History)  With changes happening throughout the museum, we sometimes find opportunities to update existing exhibits and breathe new life into old favourites. Last spring, when our temporary exhibition about the Winnipeg General Strike, Strike 1919: Divided City, was installed in our Urban Gallery and the entire gallery received beautiful, new mannequins, I jumped at the chance to revamp one of my favourite…

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Fowlie Collection Homecoming

Post by Cortney Pachet, Collections Registration Associate (Human History) From October 2018 to October 2019, Cortney served temporarily as the Assistant Curator of the HBC Museum Collection while the Curator was away on leave.  As part of her curatorial role, Cortney processed the Fowlie collection acquisition and curated a small temporary exhibition about the collection. Throughout its history, the Hudson’s Bay Company had a tradition of recruiting young men from…

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