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Earth Days 2022 at the Manitoba Musuem

Celebrate, investigate, and initiate change.

From April 22 – 24, the Manitoba Museum is offering three days of special programming to celebrate Earth Days 2022. Visitors are encouraged to investigate the effects of climate change and initiate change to protect the Earth.

Special Planetarium shows, a Green Energy Workshop in the Science Gallery, and the Earth Days Trail through the Museum Galleries reveal how water provides for and challenges Manitoba’s peoples, plants, and animals.

10 ways to learn about the Earth at the Manitoba Museum:

Are you curious about Earth Day? Are you inspired by nature? Are you concerned about climate change?

  • Discover how much Manitoba has changed since the last Ice Age by watching the huge video projection in the Welcome Gallery.
  • See the remarkable variety of now-extinct marine reptiles that once lived in the Cretaceous seas in the Earth History Gallery.
  • Explore creatures found in and around Hudson Bay, including a polar bear in the Arctic and Subarctic Gallery.
  • Examine insects, Earth’s most abundant creatures, and discover the fungi, nature’s recyclers, in the Boreal Forest Gallery.
  • Learn about extinct animals, identify Manitoba’s diverse flowers, and hear the calls of wetland animals in the Parklands Gallery.
  • Search for some of Manitoba’s burrowing animals, find out why the Passenger Pigeon is now extinct, and learn about prairie conservation in the new Prairies Gallery.
  • Use an award-winning simulator to try to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg in the Science Gallery.
  • Also in the Science Gallery, see a real rocket designed to study our atmosphere and models of other spacecraft that gather information about Earth.
  • Catch the Planetarium show, Legends of the Northern Sky, and learn how the Indigenous peoples of the plains see the
    sky as a tapestry of stories that reminds us of our relationship with the Earth.
  • Watch the Ice Worlds Planetarium show and explore the many places in the solar system where ice exists and learn how it relates to life.