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The Asper Foundation Supports Manitoba Museum Gallery Renewal Project

Winnipeg, MB (May 3, 2018)


The Manitoba Museum is pleased to announce The Asper Foundation’s support of the Bringing Our Stories Forward Capital Renewal Project with a donation of $400,000. The Museum is also happy to share the news that Gail Asper and Michael Paterson have made a personal $100,000 gift to the Project. The Renewal Project will see the renewal of 42% of the Museum’s galleries including Grasslands, Nonsuch, Orientation, and Urban, as well as the creation of a new Winnipeg Gallery.

This funding commitment comes in tandem with an announcement today by Manitoba Sport, Culture and Heritage Minister Cathy Cox that the provincial government will invest up to $5 million in the Bringing Our Stories Forward Capital Renewal Project. The Manitoba government has committed $1.4 million to the project and is prepared to support private donations. For every new dollar raised through the private sector, the Manitoba government will invest fifty cents, up to a maximum of $3.6 million. Under this formula, the $400,000 Asper Foundation gift and the $100,000 personal donation from Gail Asper and Michael Paterson, trigger an additional $250,000 in support from the provincial government.

“We value the importance of Manitoba heritage organizations, of which the Manitoba Museum is a much-beloved leader in the preservation of our community’s history. The Asper Foundation is dedicated to supporting the highest possible Museum standards in this province and we’re so pleased to be able to support this worthwhile project,” says Gail Asper, President and Trustee of The Asper Foundation. “With a focus on stories of Manitoba’s Indigenous peoples and recent waves of immigrants, we saw a wonderful opportunity for us to invest in a project we know will make a difference to our community.  We believe this is something everyone should support.”

“I am absolutely thrilled that our government is supporting the Bringing Our Stories Forward Capital Renewal Project. Our commitment to this important initiative is a major step forward in preserving Manitoba’s heritage,” says Cathy Cox, Minister of Sport, Culture & Heritage who was present to make the announcement.  “Our investment of up to $5 million will boost tourism while enhancing education and cultural understanding of our province’s rich and diverse history.”

“The level of support we have received from private sector donors like The Asper Foundation underscores what we have known for decades – that the pride for our Museum is palpable and that it’s the Manitoba Museum’s time for renewal,” says Jeoff Chipman, Bringing Our Stories Forward Capital & Endowment Campaign Chair. “The Government of Manitoba’s matching funds makes it all the more appealing for private sector donors to invest in this renewal project so future generations continue to come away inspired.”

The Manitoba Museum is grateful to our many partners and donors to date in this important renewal project including the Government of Canada, Government of Manitoba, and many generous Manitobans.
The first gallery to be renewed as part of the Bringing Our Stories Forward Capital Renewal Project is the Nonsuch Gallery, which closed on January 8 and will reopen to the public on June 8.

Pictured left to Right:

Scott Craig, Chair of the Manitoba Museum Board of Governors

Gail Asper, President & Trustee of The Asper Foundation
Honourable Cathy Cox, Minister of Sport, Culture & Heritage, Manitoba

Claudette Leclerc, Chief Executive Officer of the Manitoba Museum
Jeoff Chipman, Chair of the Bringing Our Stories Forward
Capital & Endowment Campaign