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Think BIG this Summer with World’s Giant Dinosaurs at Manitoba Museum

For Immediate Release (May 18): The Manitoba Museum presents the never-before-seen World’s Giant Dinosaurs exhibit May 19 to September 4. With enormous plant-eating sauropods joining the meat-eating T. rex, this exhibit is sure to leave a BIG impression!

The Manitoba Museum recently reopened Alloway Hall; with twice the square footage and even higher ceilings, the Museum was ‘Thinking Big’ when it engaged the services of Jurassic Park advisor and excavator of the world’s largest dinosaurs, “Dino” Don Lessem for its inaugural blockbuster exhibit. World’s Giant Dinosaurs is an all new exhibit custom made for the Manitoba Museum. Inspired by the grand new dimensions of the Hall, Lessem worked with the world’s leading robot manufacturer to create the largest dinosaurs he’s ever commissioned for an exhibit: the Brachiosaurus is the tallest dinosaur recreation measuring 24-feet high, and the Mamenchisaurus is the longest coming in at 66 feet.

“In putting together this new exhibit, I saw this great opportunity to focus on the giant sauropods, the really big dinosaurs that due to size don’t always get to be featured. For 170 million years sauropods were the most successful dinosaurs on Earth and a lot of questions remain as to why this was so,” says Dinodon Inc. CEO, Don Lessem. “Today’s research is seeing cross disciplinary groups of scientists examine how these creatures, that could weigh as much as 50 elephants, could even grow to such enormous sizes. From their skin, to their hearts, bone structure, and brain size, we’ve learned a lot about what biological features made such huge proportions possible.”

World’s Giant Dinosaurs provides a broad and exciting survey of dinosaurs – both large and small. The exhibit is based on specimens representing 130 million years in which dinosaurs were dominant land animals, from many parts of the world including western North America, Argentina, China, Mongolia, and Europe. Some of the dinosaurs are represented by both skeletons and robotics or sculptures; visitors will also see recreations of the most recent scientific interpretations of internal structures that help explain how these incredible animals lived.

Other exciting ideas about dinosaurs are also explored, including the relationship between advanced theropods, such as Velociraptor, and their living relatives the birds. Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? Were some dinosaurs warm blooded? Learn the answers to these and other questions and make sure the junior paleontologist in your family visits the activities area complete with a fossil dig pit.

“While we know that families are sure to be attracted to such an exciting exhibit about dinosaurs, we also know that adults love dinosaurs too,” says David Thompson, Director of Finance and Operations. “To make the exhibit more accessible to adults we’ve extended our hours to include Friday nights throughout the run of the show. And, we’ve added some great programs for adults. After all, what we know about dinosaurs has changed a lot since I was a kid. And regardless of your age or where you’re coming from – this exhibit is sure to leave a big impression!”

World’s Giant Dinosaurs runs May 19 to September 4. Thank you to our generous sponsors Bockstael Construction, Travel Manitoba, Pattison Outdoor, CTV, Virgin 103, BOB 99.9, and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Visit the Museum

Admission for the exhibit includes World’s Giant Dinosaurs AND one other area of the Museum complex: Museum Galleries, Planetarium, or Science Gallery: Adult: $19.50; Senior & Student: $15.50; Child: $12.50; Children under 3 years are free. Prices do not include GST. Additional admission discounts are available when visitors select additional areas of the Museum. Tickets are available at ManitobaMuseum.ca or at the box office.

Hours of Operation are May 20 – Sept 4. Open Daily 10 am – 5 pm. Except for Fridays when World’s Giant Dinosaurs and the Museum Galleries stay open from 10 am to 9 pm (except for Friday, July 7 where the entire Museum closes at 5 pm for a private function.)


All program admission include entry to World’s Giant Dinosaurs and Museum Galleries
(tickets available online at manitobamuseum.ca)

The Scoop on Jurassic Poop from Dino Don
Friday, May 19 • 7 pm
Get the scoop on the latest discoveries about hot-blooded, living and strange-looking dinosaurs, huge and tiny, from Jurassic Park advisor, author, and World’s Giant Dinosaurs exhibit creator, Dino Don Lessem
Tickets • $25 / Member $20; Children: $15 / Member $10

From Talk to Table: Dinos Edition with Peg Beer Co.
Sunday, June 11 • 3–5 pm
Join the Museum’s  Curator of Geology and Paleontology and discover our province’s past through a deep-time look at the creatures that lived in Manitoba during the age of the dinosaurs.
Tickets • $35 / Member $30 (Food included in ticket price)

Adult Evening: Dinos After Dusk
Thursday, August 10 • 7 – 11 pm
Go back in time for a prehistoric party! Enjoy an evening of expert talks, demonstrations, toast a T. rex and munch beside a Mamenchisaurus!
Tickets • $25 / Members $20

Dinos Before Dinner
Fridays: May 26, June 9 & 23, July 14 & 28, August 11 & 25
Learn the latest – what we know about dinosaurs has changed since you were a kid!

Your tour is included with admission, however you must register at reception upon arrival – first-come, first-served. Check web site for details.

Family Programs

DinoSnores: A Night at the Museum
Saturday, June 3 & Saturday, August 26
This sleepover event welcomes families for an exciting overnight adventure!
Tickets at ManitobaMuseum.ca
Adults: $79 / Member $71; Child: $49 / Member $44

Summer Day Camps
Registration is on NOW!
Summer camps include a variety of hands-on science, immersive history and fieldtrips.
And, every kid will enjoy a visit to World’s Giant Dinosaurs. Themes for weeks one and two alternate throughout the summer so your kids can enjoy a single week or two weeks in a row! Sibling discount is available.

Book at ManitobaMuseum.ca or for questions call 204-988-0696 with questions


For more information, please contact:
Debra Fehr, Director of Marketing, Sales and Programs
Manitoba Museum
P:  (204) 988-0638
E: dfehr@manitobamuseum.ca
W: www.manitobamuseum.ca