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Twas the week before Christmas

Post by Cortney Pachet, Collections Registration Associate (Human History)


Twas the week before Christmas and all through the museum,

Artifacts wondered if visitors would see ‘em.

Some historical treasures sat smug on display,

While other objects remained hidden away.


Ornament; Christmas Tree, H9-29-358 ©Manitoba Museum


Ornament; Christmas Tree, H9-29-365 ©Manitoba Museum Dating to 1927, these ornaments decorated the Christmas tree of a young Winnipeg couple, married in 1925.

These ornaments once hung on old Christmas trees,

Some dating as far back as the 1920s!

With the curator in his office and I snug in mine,

I catalogued objects from way back in time.


Light; Christmas Tree, H9-12-790 ©Manitoba Museum NOMA was the largest manufacturer of Christmas lights prior to 1965, when the company filed for bankruptcy.

When deep in the vault, exploring I go,

Finding boxes of Christmas lights from long, long ago.

Quick to the shelf, with nitrile gloved paw,

I admire the condition, in a reverent awe.


Light; Christmas Tree, H9-12-790 ©Manitoba Museum

The box is pristine, it’s practically new!

A string of Noma lights within, in green, yellow and blue.

When what to my wandering eye should I see?

It’s Frosty the Snowman on small cardboard skis!


Ornament; Christmas Tree, H9-22-337 ©Manitoba Museum

Then a large mechanical Santa, who seems truly alive,

Bought in the forties from Eaton’s for two-hundred-seventy-five!

Before Winnipeg, Toronto was where Santa got his kicks

-he decorated the home of a man named F. William Nicks.


Ornament; Christmas, H9-8-487 ©Manitoba Museum Purchased by F. William Nicks, former chairman of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto. Mr. Nicks purchased this Santa Claus to decorate his home in the late 1940s for $275. When Mr. Nicks passed away in 1972, Santa Claus was inherited by his sister, who displayed him in her home in Winnipeg.

The wreaths, the records, the garland and more!

Lovingly bought long ago from a store.

Now all a part of our Christmas collection,

Even some doughy Christmas confection!


Bread; Christmas, H9-12-773 ©Manitoba Museum

And not all the things are from days of yore;

Some come from a time when break dancers tore up the floor!

Cabbage Patch Kids and Snoopy to boot…

Our vault contains all kinds of modern-day loot!


Toy; Snoopy, H9-21-311 ©Manitoba Museum Squeeze toy in the likeness of Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s beagle from the Peanut series.

I could go on; our collections are vast,

A sleighful of artifacts from Christmases past!

But alas is time to turn out the light,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Toy; Christmas, H9-29-818 ©Manitoba Museum
Wind-up plastic reindeer riding a snowmobile.