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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Plants just want to have sex

I personally feel a little sorry for plants.  When plants want to have sex they can’t just go to a bar to meet someone; they are stuck in the ground.  So what’s an amorous plant to do? For most of the earth’s history plants lived in water.  When they wanted to have sex they just released their sperm into the ocean where it would swim around for a while before…

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Manitoba Museum Publishes Book Detailing the Recovery, Study, and Reburial of an Ancient Indigenous Ancestor

Winnipeg, MB (January 29, 2019): The Manitoba Museum is proud to announce the release of a new publication entitled, Dibaajimindww Geteyaag: Ogiiyose, Noojigiigoo’iwe gaye Dibinawaag Nibiing Onji or, as translated into English, Stories of the Old Ones: Hunter and Fisher from Sheltered Water. Written by Kevin Brownlee, Curator of Archeology at the Manitoba Museum, this fascinating chronicle was twenty years in the making.   Four thousand years ago, a young man was laid to rest…

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Untame Valentine’s Day with Wild Romance at Manitoba Museum

Winnipeg, MB (January 23, 2019): You think humans go through a lot for love? Some animals go through considerably more trouble than a puff of perfume or a dab of hair gel – imagine growing an extra 35 kg of headgear, going without food for two weeks, or engaging in life-threatening battles! Come and see how it’s done in nature at the Manitoba Museum on Valentine’s Day. At Wild Romance,…

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