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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Legacies of Confederation: Manitoba, a New Homeland

After Manitoba entered Confederation in 1870 and the Canadian government negotiated Treaty No. 1 with First Nations leaders, Canada began to actively engage potential immigrants to settle and farm the prairies. The first two groups that arrived in large numbers were English speaking Ontarians and German speaking Mennonites from eastern Ukraine. This first large wave of immigration to Manitoba would begin the irrevocable transformation of the environment and the economy…

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Tribute 2017 Ambassadors Announced by Manitoba Museum 

Gregg and Mary Hanson

Winnipeg, MB [January 26, 2017]: On Thursday, April 27 the Manitoba Museum’s Canada 150 Tribute dinner will honour the spirit of generosity and the leaders who are community builders in our province.  Many generous Manitobans have contributed to making this province strong, and have helped make Canada great. Manitoba is known as one of the most giving, charitable provinces; one that is also characterized by strong leaders who espouse a…

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Everything you know about taste is wrong

Tasting is something we do everyday but many of the things we think we know about taste are actually wrong. So let the debunking begin! Myth #1: You taste food with your tongue. Fact: Your sense of taste involves your tongue AND your nose. When you are sick with a cold, food doesn’t taste very good. This is not because your taste buds aren’t working-it is because your nose isn’t…

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Winnipeg Gallery

Winnipeg, MB (January 13, 2017):  The Manitoba Museum has selected the Manitoba-based company Bockstael Construction as the general contractor, with AldrichPears Associates (APA), based in Vancouver, as the project lead for the Museum’s Gallery Renewal Project, Bringing Our Stories Forward. The $19 million project will see close to half of the Museum’s galleries undergo staged renewal over three years. Its 2020 end date will coincide with three other landmark anniversaries:…

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Think BIG this Summer with Manitoba Museum’s Feature Exhibit, World’s Giant Dinosaurs!

Giant Dinosaur Skelaton

Winnipeg, Manitoba – January 9 2017: World’s Giant Dinosaurs, a never-before-seen exhibit, opens at the Manitoba Museum in the newly expanded Alloway Hall this May. Representing giant dinosaurs from around the globe, the exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with recreations of some of the largest animals that ever lived, from the enormous in stature, but small-brained, plant-eating Mamenchisaurus to the fearsome, meat-eating Tyrannosaurus rex. World’s Giant…

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