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Monthly Archives: August 2016

A lasting legacy of a bird’s untimely death

Palm Warbler

[Note: This blog contains descriptions and images that may not be suitable for sensitive individuals.] Most people pass by a dead bird, rarely giving it a second thought and leaving it where it lies.  But there are many members of the public who notify the Manitoba Museum of the dead birds they do find, often from fatal encounters with windows.  The Manitoba Museum appreciates the opportunity to salvage these, as…

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Dress Shop Adventure: Hats, Handkerchiefs and a “Hair Tidy”!

Over the last few weeks, I have been assigned the task of doing inventory, cataloguing, and condition reporting artifacts in “Amy Galbraith’s Dress Shop,” in the Museum’s Urban Gallery. I have also cleaned and photographed the objects. Through this process I have been delighted to learn more about the history behind the artifacts that we see in this 1920’s shop. I thought you might enjoy some of my findings! Hats were a staple of the 1920’s wardrobe….

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Earth-like planet discovered around closest star

A new planet has been discovered outside our solar system. That wouldn’t normally be big news, since astronomers have discovered about 3,200 exoplanets, or planets that orbit stars other than the Sun. This one is rather special, though. First, it’s about the size of our planet earth. That generally means it is made up of the same sort of things that the earth is made up of – rocks, not gasses….

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Manitoba Museum Unveils World-Class Fossil

Pliosaur Fossil

Winnipeg, MB (August 11, 2016):  A 90-million-year-old pliosaur (ply-oh-saur) fossil was revealed today in the Earth History Gallery at the Manitoba Museum.The new addition to the Museum’s fossil family, a large marine reptile, is represented by two skeletons: a display of the actual fossil; and a full skeletal reconstruction. Pliosaurs were a type of plesiosaur (plee-zee-oh-saur), a group of extinct reptiles that were at the top of the food chain…

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Perseid meteor shower shines above Manitoba

Perseid meteor shower – updates! Updated 8 August 2016 9:29CDT Every year, the annual Perseid meteor shower occurs around August 11th and 12th. This year, though, is predicted to be a much more active shower than in previous years. What can we expect, why is it happening, and how can you see it yourself? As the earth orbits the sun, it crashes into bits of rock, ice, and dust which…

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The mystery of the moving cow pie

Usually cow pies are extremely uninteresting features of a prairie landscape (and one to usually avoid) but this month something funny was happening with them at the Nature Conservancy’s Yellow Quill Prairie that made me look twice. For starters, one day I saw a cow pie moving. As it turns out though, it wasn’t really the cow pie that was moving: it was a toad, a Canadian Toad (Anaxyrus hemiophrys)…

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